The Officers of this Corporation shall consist of no more than nine (9) Directors. Said Directors to elect a President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, and up to five (5) delegates. A majority of Directors and Officers shall reside in Wells County, Indiana. All Directors shall be a dues paying member of this Corporation.


The President or his subordinate shall preside at all meetings of the Corporation. The Secretary shall issue all certificates of membership and in addition thereto shall perform all other duties usually pertaining to the office. The Treasurer shall perform the duties of keeping all books of account and shall have custody of all the monies and securities of the Corporation and in addition shall perform all other duties usually pertaining to the office. The Treasurer shall also submit financial reports showing the true financial condition of the Corporation at all annual meetings and at such other times as may be ordered by the President or Directors.


The regular meetings of the membership shall be held in the Clubhouse on the first Friday evening of each month, unless in the event of a holiday or special event, then it shall take place on a date and time to be determined by the directors. Regular meetings of the Directors shall be held at such times and place as the Directors may determine. Special meetings of the membership may be called upon notice of said meeting, in writing by registered return receipt, mailed to the official address of the member not less than seven (7) days prior to the time of the meeting. It is the member’s obligation to have current contact information filed with the Secretary of the club.


There will be up to four Directors elected for a two (2) year term on the odd year and five Directors elected for a two (2) year term on the even year. Up to three (3) alternate Directors may be appointed by the Board of Directors only voting in the absence of a director. This will be a one (1) year term. Replacement Directors may be appointed by the Board as vacancies occur.


The Annual Meeting of the Corporation shall be held on the first Friday of January of each year in the Clubhouse, unless it is a New Year week-end, then it will be held on the following Friday. The OCC fiscal year runs from January 1st to December 31st.


All members in good standing shall be entitled to vote on all questions at any meeting except Directors meetings. There shall be one vote per membership card. Voting must be done by the primary card holder.


The annual dues for a membership in this organization shall be $70.00 per voting member. For members age sixty-five (65) or over, annual dues will be $60.00. An initiation fee of $50.00 shall be paid in addition to the annual dues for new members. For a new member joining on or after June 1st, their dues, for that year only, shall be $55.00, plus the initiation fee of $50.00. For a new member age 65 or older joining on or after June 1st, their dues, for that year only, shall be $45.00, plus the initiation fee of $50.00. The annual renewal date is January 1st. A $50.00 late charge will be assessed to the renewing member’s dues if not paid by the February meeting of the New Year. Any family membership includes the primary member, spouse and or significant other, a maximum of two (2) adults and their children under eighteen (18) years of age.

New membership candidates, eighteen (18) years or older, may appear before the Board of Directors for membership approval or may use the absentee procedure, in which case the OCC, upon receiving the membership application with annual dues and initiation fee and signed letter of understanding from the candidate, will present the application to the membership at the next membership meeting for approval. After the OCC receives the signed Letter of Understanding the OCC will mail the new member their membership card. Candidates will be held accountable for their conduct on OCC grounds. All members are required to have a signed Letter of Understanding on file with the Secretary of the Ossian Conservation Club.


All members who use the clubhouse or the premises shall be charged with the duties of keeping the same clean and in an orderly manner at all times. The sale or use of alcoholic beverages shall not be permitted. Local Not-for Profit organizations shall petition the Board of Directors of the Ossian Conservation Club for special exceptions and approval.


Any member who willfully disobeys the By-Laws or any lawful order of the Board of Directors or membership may be disciplined by the Directors after notice. Membership privileges may be suspended of any determinate period. An ethics committee shall be formed to either uphold or revoke memberships. The ethics committee shall have the final decision.


The majority of the Board of Directors shall constitute a quorum at all Directors meeting and eight (8) members shall constitute a quorum at any membership meeting. A majority of a quorum may decide all questions coming before the membership.


Section A–The membership of the Ossian Conservation Club, Inc. shall be limited to 250 voting members with the following being the only exception: The child or children of any dues paid member, in good standing, shall within a (6) month period following his or her eighteenth (18th) birthday be allowed to become a voting member of the Club simply by paying the necessary dues, less the initiation fee, regardless of the numbers of prospective members on a waiting list at that time. If this person or persons elect to forgo this opportunity, they shall be treated as any prospective member in compliance with the membership quote and waiting list, dues and fees.


The assets of the Club, upon dissolution, shall be donated to a pro-conservation group, association or organization.


These By-Laws may be amended, altered or repealed by a majority vote at any regular meeting of the Directors or at a special meeting of the Directors called for that purpose. They shall have the approval of the members at any regular meeting.

(Updated June 2, 2023)