What are the benefits of becoming an OCC Member?

Becoming a Club Member carries several benefits, including:

• Use of the gun and bow ranges

• Use of the clubhouse and pavilion

• Privilege of leaving your boat at Moser Lake

• 4 guest passes each year

• Attend club meetings with full voting rights

How much are OCC Membership dues?


All New Member rates include Dues and Initiation Fees

Standard New Membership

  • under age 65: $110
  • 65 & over: $100

New Members After June 1st

  • under age 65: $95
  • 65 & over: $85


Standard Renewal Dues

  • under age 65: $60
  • 65 & over: $50

If paid after Feb 1st:

  • under age 65: $110
  • 65 & over: $100

How do I join OCC?


Fill out a membership application and a personal check for the dues and initiation fee.


Read the OCC Rules, the By-Laws, and sign the Letter of Understanding.


You must come before the board of the Ossian Conservation Club and bring with you the application, a personal check and the signed Letter of Understanding to a membership meeting and upon membership approval receive your membership card that night.

Meetings are usually held the first Friday of each month at 7:30pm. Click here for our membership meeting schedule.